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Thank you for your support. Game of Thrones.

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But now we all know what she really malin crepin nude like and if Melisandre continues to use sex for power and to fuel her magic, then, that will add a new wrinkle to Game of Thrones and its reputation for putting the female body on display.

That would just be a nice extra that he's good-looking. Although van Houten can't really explain why Melisandre, having never met Ygritte, would quote those exact words to him, the actress was able to make some sense of it to herself. Jade movie sex scene directly anyway. Game of Thrones will be simulcast live with the US on Sky Atlantic at 2am every Sunday and repeated the following evening at 9pm. We haven't seen huge mistakes yet. Tyler Perry 6. Who is Melisandre?

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The Independent Books.

Earlier this season, Melisandre caused another outcry for a far less violent act. Our view. Tyler Perry 6. Popular in Article. If you remember back to Season Six, the first episode concluded with a bizarre scene in which Melisandre, winding down for the night, went leanne crow porn gif take a bath, removed her necklace, and became an elderly woman.

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Although he refused her still pining for his lost loveMelisandre had the last word, echoing his dead lover's catchphrase:

Post Cancel. Could her biological shadow clock be ticking again, sensing some greatness in Jon Snow? Game of Thrones: Share Email. Why did Melisandre come back for the Battle of Winterfell? Sign up Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout.

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Of course there's also some male-female chemistry or attraction from her to [Jon Snow], but she's not that kind of girl.

Subscription sign in. Sign In. Comment posted! Called the Fiery Hand, they could be a very welcome addition to the army fighting the Night King. Conleth Hill as character Varys. Health insurance. Answers on a postcard please.

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She wants Stannis Baratheon Stephen Dillane to sacrifice his own daughter Shireen Ingrid bolso nude Ingram to the Lord of Light to bring better fortune to his forces while they march to Winterfell through a fierce blizzard.

Tom Morris Jr. I think it's still quite blurry. Asking a father to kill his own daughter — one he watch japanese movies online eng sub saved from dying of greyscale by hiring the best healers in the world — is too much, even for Melisandre. Though that scene pushed plenty on its own. She still wants Stannis on the throne, she's still devoted to Stannis.

All these guys can turn swords on fire, which would make them very handy in a scrap with the wights and White Walkers.

Buy famous athletes naked issue hereor subscribe to receive digital access the moment the story is posted online. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Game of Thrones ' Carice van Houten: Comment posted! Getting her dirty, mystical mitts on Jon Snow aside, fans are probably the most outraged with the fact that Melisandre dared utter, "You know nothing, Jon Snow," that classic line the now-dead Ygritte Rose Leslie would say with equal parts condescension and affection.