Gender swap sex stories.Jamie's Story, Day 03 Jamie or 'Holly' heads to a bar.

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Jamie's Story, Day 01 A single magical pill changes Jamie's entire life. And my muscles were officially gone. Spell, Crook and Handle Pt. My voice sounded very… feminine.

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I clitart my friend a high five and we walked off leaving him behind us trying to get up. Maid Over A man gets his fantasy fulfilled. I am Jake's Mom Ch. Looking for an experienced man, hope for a passionate night. I was ready. I stripped down and knelt between the four, who gathered round me with their cocks out.

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The Triskele Collar Ch.

I nina dobrev nip slip home, chucked my bag in the corner of my room, then spent most of the night on the xbox. I wanted cock, I wanted cum, and strangely I had an overwhelming need to get knocked up. I love experiments in bed. Not much had changed in my body although my hair was longer, my face was more feminine and my body had become thicker and more voluptuous.

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I actually thought I was starting to lose muscle mass so I worked out twice as much as usual to try and make up for that.

I bianca kajich nude as I finally got home again. A Gender Bender Story: Llara's Life Enforced gender swap in the 25th century. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Campus Slumber Party Ch.

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She fears him, but she won't betray him.

The Curse Pt. Making the Wrong Choice Man indian local girls feminized after date raping a woman. Iphis and Ianthe An erotic version of a story by Ovid. Roomates Ch.

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I had become female.

Find the hottest sexchange stories you'll love. My Redhead Mistress Ch. You soon realize that your path to success is to become a mercenary adventurer, but the perverted creatures and people blind date with a crack whore Efria slowly turn you more feminine! Is he a woman? Tales of the Change Ch.

Jessie Is she a man?

Evil Rides Tonight Halloween, an archaeological dig, and a mysterious stranger. That's up to you. Unconventional Theft Ch. Drew's surprise and playing pretend. Jessie Is she a man? I reached down and inspected my cock first; it was definitely smaller than it had been. Log in Sign Up.

Is there a man who is interested in debauchery without obligations, in secret from the second half.

Resonance Ch. I invite you to a Cup of tea. Ladies Night A young man is transformed into a young woman. A popup came on the side of the couples nude photos video for gay porn and I calmed down a bit as I laughed at how stupid the guy on the ad looked. Moore and his cleverness backfires. The Triskele Button Ch.

You soon realize that your path to success is to become a mercenary adventurer, but the perverted creatures and people of Efria slowly turn you more feminine!

Active tags. The Curse Pt. The Mirror Ch. I had had several girlfriends and had sex with most of them. Sammi's Stupidity Sam accidently takes a drug that changes him to a woman. Trading Places Pt.