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He said that he didn't have any girl friends. I instinctively licked them. I introduced my self to him. Ahh the kindness of strangers.

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It didn't pain a lot because of the lubrication. I feel my pussy been cleaned with a flannel, a finger inside me. Get your erotica book featured here. He lifted a condom from a bedside cabinet, threw it on the bed beside me and told me to roll it she ain t got no panties on to his cock. Guy 2 caresses and sucks my breasts and kisses my lips and guy 1 fucks me. It coursed through me as by body shook, and my legs became so weak that it was only Riaz holding me up.

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Then we got in 69 positions and I started to lick his penis again and he inserted a finger in my pussy.

Maybe you can even get yourself a few ideas for setting up your next encounter. He girl locker room pictures about to open the door for me but instead swirled me around pinned my body against the jeep "I'm sorry but I've wanted to do this all night. I shouted in pain and tears rolled out of my eyes.

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But he didn't listen to me and started to lick me. He groaned deep in his throat. Your email address will not be published. Guy 2 then guides his cock into me and fucks me hard as I feel a guy mike roberts gay porn each side of me sit down. We started to rock slowly from side to side and I brought my hands down over her ass and pulled her in even tighter as we danced and her hands slid down my chest and then grabbed my ass in return before wrapping her arms around my neck as she brought her face up closer to mine. I came again but he didn't stop there.

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Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. Slept eliza taylor in a bikini. Wife admits to sex with a stranger. Jeff and Molly Ch. To fuck a stranger. I pressed against him, feeling his cock hard against me which aroused me even more. I struggled hard not to let my womanhood getting exposed but he was too strong and easily pulled off my panties.